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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Blue Mountain forges partnership with global P&T Group to revolutionize the local real estate industry

Dr. Hiran Hettiarachchi (MBBS-Colombo, MBA-Australia),  Group Chairman, Blue Mountain Group of Companies and Richard Soon, Director, P&T Group Singapore
Dr. Hiran Hettiarachchi (MBBS-Colombo, MBA-Australia),
Group Chairman, Blue Mountain Group of Companies and
Richard Soon, Director, P&T Group Singapore
Leading real estate giant, Blue Mountain, has entered into a strategic partnership with the Singapore-based P&T Group, in a bid to pioneer landmark real estate projects in the country. The P&T Group is recognized as one of the largest international architectural and engineering practices in the world and the high profile joint venture agreement will provide Blue Mountain with the opportunity to consult P&T on all of its high-end projects, in order to offer greater value and an enhanced experience to its clients. The newly-formed joint venture partners have also forged an advisory alliance, whereby clients can avail of the combined expertise of the two real estate giants on the development of apartment projects.

Dr. Hiran Hettiarachchi (MBBS-Colombo, MBA-Australia), Group Chairman, Blue Mountain Group of Companies, stated, “This momentous coming together of two titans in the real estate industries of Sri Lanka and Singapore, signals the formation of a robust alliance that blends pan Asian expertise with strong domain knowledge. The local real estate sector is poised for growth and many upscale residential and commercial real estate projects are underway. Our tie-up with the P&T Group will add value to our existing dynamic portfolio of real estate services and will enable us to offer a combined fountainhead of expertise in the sector. Together with the P&T Group, we can leverage our joint synergies to create a revolution in the local real estate sector, thereby enhancing the value of our projects and delivering stylish living spaces that are truly inspiring. We are proud to have the P&T Group as a partner in our journey towards contributing to Sri Lanka’s infrastructural and economic development.”

Richard Soon, Director, P&T Group, said, “We believe that this joint venture with Blue Mountain will forge a new chapter in Sri Lanka’s real estate industry, which holds much potential that still needs to be unlocked.  P&T brings tremendous value to this joint venture, counting a presence in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, the Middle East and other countries.  Our decision to partner Blue Mountain was made after witnessing the company’s commitment to achieving international standards and its unique design concepts, which are on par with top global giants. We believe that a joint venture of this nature in Sri Lanka will help Blue Mountain to grow and develop into a regional leader.

Blue Mountain recently won a 5-Star award at the Asia Pacific Property Awards and distinguished itself as the first Sri Lankan company to be recognized among the best global real estate companies in the world.  Since its inception, Blue Mountain (Pvt) Ltd has revolutionized the local real estate market with its professional ethos as well as its expertise in conceiving and executing a profusion of urban real estate projects ranging from luxury residential complexes to commercial properties. The company has deeply-rooted community values and is focused on delivering innovative design, exclusive standards of construction and superior standards of customer service.

About Blue Mountain 
Blue Mountain is a full service real estate company in Sri Lanka which has diversified operations that extend across the areas of land sales, apartment developments and construction.  The company is one of the most trusted and reliable real estate companies in the country, with a total asset value of Rs. 14 billion and an employee force of over 2100 people. The company also uses high-tech information systems and has set the benchmark in the industry by being the first ERP based real estate company in the country.  Blue Mountain also recently introduced its IT squad which was developed under the leadership of internationally recognized Pakistani consultants, who facilitated the use of an IFS system which is valued at Rs. 100 million. Blue Mountain has an extensive local network of offices and has also expanded its network to international markets such as India and Australia.

About P&T Group
P&T Group is one of the largest Architectural and Engineering practices in Asia. The global real estate giant counts 145 years of unparalleled design experience in the world’s emerging and developed countries such as Hong Kong, China, Thailand, UAE, Vietnam and other countries. The company offers full architectural services, civil & structural engineering services, mechanical & electrical engineering services and master planning services throughout the whole of Asia and the Middle East.

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