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Friday, November 6, 2015

Gestetner of Ceylon PLC collects Ricoh Asia Pacific award for highest regional sales growth YOY

Gestetner of Ceylon wins Ricoh award
Gestetner of Ceylon wins Ricoh award
Gestetner of Ceylon PLC has been recognized for its remarkable year on year sales growth within the region by Ricoh Asia Pacific. The award was received by Damith Kaldera, Shanaka Sandaruwan, Ruwan Hitinayake, Inshaf Lanthra, Chandima Perera, Naushan Rafeel, Chanuka Sumithraarachchi for Gestetner PLC at a distributor awards night in Bali, Indonesia.

Gestetner is one of the top three total document solutions providers in Sri Lanka, celebrating its 50th anniversary as a public quoted company last year. For decades some of the country’s top conglomerates have trusted Gestetner with their document systems management. The company has also consecutively recorded positive year on year growth over the last five years.

Ricoh Asia Pacific is a global technology company specialising in office imaging equipment, production print solutions, document management systems and IT services. Headquartered in Tokyo, the Ricoh Group operates in about 200 countries and regions. In the financial year ending March 2015, the Ricoh Group recorded worldwide sales approximating 18.5 billion USD.

The regional meeting is an annual gathering of its distribution partners--prior to the awards, new products and market developments are discussed at the event. The achievers’ awards recognise significant strides made by Ricoh’s contemporaries in their own home markets, specifically in terms of sales revenue and growth. The event was attended by several senior management figures from Ricoh Asia Pacific PTE LTD including Chairman Majima San, Senior General Manager Ken Tokuhiro San, General Manager Ben B.W. Chong and Manager Strategic Marketing Chris Tham.

Gestetner was recognised for its impressive sales track record year on year, receiving the highest achievement award for growth in MFP (multi-functional products) units and sales revenue in the Asia Pacific region. “Over the course of last year we’ve seen a significant acceleration in demand for our products,” noted Managing Director for Gestetner of Ceylon PLC, Chandima Perera. “An increasing number of corporates in particular are turning to total document solutions to significantly reduce the workload for their internal staff. Gestetner continues to make strides in meeting this demand head-on by not only providing these companies with what they require, but also with newer, more improved solutions that can serve our clients better. We’re very pleased to be recognised for this by Ricoh Asia Pacific.”

Gestetner of Ceylon PLC’s rapidly growing portfolio includes the world’s leading office automation brands such as Ricoh, BenQ, Fujitsu and Lenovo in addition to services provided by Nashua Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. (Gestetner Offset) and Gestetner Printing Services (Pvt) Ltd. (Gestetner Outsource), under parent company Gestetner of Ceylon PLC.

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