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Thursday, February 11, 2016

‘Playtime’ is family time at The Sandwich Factory’s new location

Play gym for kids at The Sandwich Factory on Palm Grove
Play gym for kids at The Sandwich Factory on Palm Grove
Amusing young children can be tough work. For parents who’ve been mulling over how to get in quality time with the family while out - The Sandwich Factory announces the first ever ‘Playtime’ on 17 February at the new TSF outlet on Palm Grove, Colpetty.
Determinedly deviating from standard practice, The Sandwich Factory hopes to provide quality interactive playtime between parents and children. “The idea for this event came from talking to parents who visit the restaurant,” says Hisham Cader, CEO and Managing Director of The Sandwich Factory (TSF). “A lot of them felt that while play areas are great, they don't always give parents the opportunity to spend quality time with their kids. This is why our event is not just Playtime for kids, it's Playtime for kids together with their parents.”

The event is scheduled to take place from 5-8 pm on Wednesday, 17 February. A host of fun activities will give kids and their parents the chance to make their own sandwiches and jigsaw puzzles, and the kids will even be able to take the fruits of their efforts home with them. There will also be a “Pet of the Day” segment, which will introduce kids to an animal that they can learn more about in a hands-on manner. Face painters will be at hand to add to the excitement and the kids can amuse themselves silly at both the indoor and outdoor play areas.

Mini Grilled Chicken Sub
Mini Grilled Chicken Sub
TSF’s photographer will cover the event and share pictures with parents so mums and dads are free to put away their phones and enjoy the moment. A hearty meal of Mac ‘n’ Cheese, with Veggies or Grilled Chicken with Veggies as well as a Tropicana juice will be included in the Rs. 750 entrance fee for kids.
The Sandwich Factory was opened in 2006 by Hisham Cader, and is driven purely by a love for old school diners and good food. The restaurant’s menu operates on the simple premise of delicious, wholesome food that has value for money (the TSF team is also currently in the process of developing a more extensive kids’ menu).
TSF’s popularity is fuelled by its quirky interiors inspired by all that is vintage-here you’ll find a classic checkerboard-tiled floor, plenty of vinyl and Monroe. The new TSF restaurant on Palm Grove was designed with families in mind. The air-conditioned indoor play area is well suited for toddlers, with padded floors and toys for their amusement. A spacious outdoor garden features a large play gym where children aged 3 to 10 years can expend any extra energy while parents dine on the patio overlooking the garden. The space is perfect for children’s parties for which TSF offers special packages.

The team hopes to make the Playtime event a regular fixture, with the freedom of space that the new venue provides. TSF will also launch a movie night starting from end February. Log into to stay up to date.

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