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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Arpico Awards Top Hardware Dealers; Confident of a Strong 2016

 Celebrating another year of stellar sales, Arpico hosted a gala event at the Blue Waters Hotel, Wadduwa to reward and show recognition for the best dealers in Arpico Hardware products for the year 2015.
Parallel to the exponential growth in demand for hardware to support Sri Lanka’s expanding construction industry, last year’s awards were particularly competitive with all of the company’s dealers delivering significant increases in sales volumes and revenue.
“Arpico continues to be a well-respected leader across many sectors. The quality of construction of a building ultimately depends on the quality of the products used and in that context, we remain the preferred supplier of hardware supplies to many of the leading commercial and retail construction buyers today,” Mr. Sunil Liyanage, Managing Director, LMD sector of Richard Pieris & Company stated.
In that context, Mr. Shantha Kularatna, Director Distribution of the LMD sector of RPC, said: “The potential for expanding our distribution network to bring more of our quality hardware products to a wider range of the Sri Lankan market is on the rise and we look forward to tackling the challenges related to this expansion of services in the new year.”
Commenting on the performance of the dealers being felicitated at the event, Head of Sales of the LMD sector of RPC, Mr. Duminda Perera said: “I wish to congratulate of our top dealers for their outstanding efforts over the course of 2015 and all our other committed sales teams across the island. You have worked hard to deliver some of the best sales that we’ve seen to date and we are grateful for that effort.”
Meanwhile, Head of Marketing of the LMD sector of RPC, Mr. Derrick Perera also commended the efforts of the company’s dealers and reiterated Arpico’s commitment towards providing the best marketing platform for Arpico products to gain wider awareness among consumers.
“There are still many more opportunities for Arpico to expand its market share in the coming year and we are confident that the correct communications strategy combined with effective sales techniques will yield more successful results in 2016,” Mr. Perera stated.  
With Sri Lanka’s construction industry growing at a steady clip of 20 per cent Year-on-Year according to the most recent available data, demand for Arpico’s range of top-quality branded hardware products is anticipated to grow in the coming year.
“Today we see many infrastructure development projects underway. Sri Lanka’s requirement for more commercial space is increasing as the country’s services sector keeps growing. The need for quality housing is also enjoying a similar increase as the country’s per capita GDP rises. This will be a source of great opportunity for our business in the coming year,” Head of Category-Hardware Sector, Mr. Dilshan Abeysekara elaborated.
The company’s branded hardware segment encompasses a wide range of products including Arpico Water Tanks, Arpico Rigifoam, Arpico Rubber, Arpico PVC, Arpitec Water Pumps, Arpitec Ceiling Fans, Arpitec Power Codes, Arpico Kitchen Sinks and Arpico PVC Doors.
About Richard Pieris & Co. PLC

Richard Pieris & Co. PLC is a diversified business conglomerate with a rich history of 83 years. Its flagship brand "Arpico" is one of the most powerful local household brands in Sri Lanka for over 50 years, serving the community with a diverse range of products across many sectors such as manufacturing, plantations, financial services, exports, FMCG, construction, logistics, educational services & retail. The retail sector led by its flagship brand "Arpico Supercenters" operates one of the largest modern trade chains in the country. A diverse melting pot of talent, comprising a workforce of over 31,000, Richard Pieris & Company PLC is one of the largest employment providers in the private sector in Sri Lanka. 

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