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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Design for Life – Fine Furniture Sri Lanka bring to your home a world of exclusivity and luxury

Fine Furniture Sri Lanka, a leading interior product retailer, brings to the local market the strengths of such unique exclusive furniture brands which will awake the emotions, relates to the local culture, gives the comfort, making it a reality in harmony.

Everyone is different, with different ideas about their living space. Therefore furnishing styles are always influenced by someone’s lifestyle or personal needs. Making a home feel like the haven, means choosing the right furniture to suit your style, requirement and space, this is unique to each individual and their home. Whether it is down to earth, creative, purist or romantic, the possibilities for creating an individual style are endless.

With ‘exclusive’ partnership with luxurious European home brands such as KOINOR, PACIFIC GREEN, Loddenkemper, Rauch and ArteM, Fine Furniture Sri Lanka was created in Colombo by the German structural engineer Martin Klement on identifying the shifts in lifestyles and demands of new property owners in Sri Lanka. Fine Furniture came to provide specialty solutions with cutting edge European design for interior spaces. Today, Fine Furniture occupies a niche in the local market while leading a new outlook for living spaces in Sri Lanka.

Martin Klement_Hacker
Martin Klement_Hacker
Commenting on the vision of Fine Furniture, Martin Klement, Founder and CEO stated “When we started Fine Furniture a few years ago, it was answering an obvious need for great kitchens, interior product and furniture that represents the new lifestyle of the modern Sri Lankan and the market responded to us exceptionally well because of the product quality and longstanding success globally as well as the design aspect. Hence at Fine Furniture we promote an aura of modern home culture where people invest on long-lasting, quality products with outstanding design, function and performance for their homes for a new way of living.”

Other brand names under the company’s luxury home range include German appliance brands such as Bosch, Miele and De Dietrich, all of which hails synonymously with unique identity, and established with over 30 years of success.

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