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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Keto On Your Feet: The Sandwich Factory and presents a 40 Day Transformation Challenge

Keto-friendly meals available at The Sandwich Factory
Keto-friendly meals available at The Sandwich Factory
Two seemingly unlikely allies have joined forces for a 40-day body transformation challenge. The Sandwich Factory is partnering with personal trainers for the Go Keto Bootcamp - a one and a half month challenge to commit to the Ketosis diet, a pathway to rapid weight loss and boundless energy. Only 10 places are available on the programme for those willing to truly make the commitment - apply now on is a personalized physical training provider run by Isuru Fonseka and Natasha Amarasekara. It offers unique, targeted workout choices for clients, with flexible and convenient options including home visits for those on tight schedules. will commandeer Go Keto’s fitness component while The Sandwich Factory [TSF] will take over the diet. TSF’s Hisham Cader was inspired to partner with after his own successful attempt with the programme under the guidance of Isuru and Natasha, the founders of “It was really interesting because I was discovering a new way of eating and treating my body well,” he says. “But it was also pretty challenging to find the time to work out five days a week and ensure I was on the right diet as well-especially after a long day. That’s where The Sandwich Factory comes in; we’ll be providing a Keto dinner of choice from our menu on the forty day plan so that meals are something that you don’t have to worry about. The focus will be on committing to the workout.” In addition a full keto-friendly menu will be available at TSF throughout the day.

Keto-friendly meals available at The Sandwich Factory
Keto-friendly meals available at The Sandwich Factory
The diner has transformed its popular menu to create a ‘Keto Menu’ reflecting the principles of a Ketosis diet; a high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate diet that forces the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates. The diet is designed specifically to result in ketosis - a metabolic state that is almost completely fuelled by fat.

A Ketosis diet is successful because it helps to suppress appetite by cutting out the unnecessary carbs from the diet, using ketones to control hunger and satiety hormones. “It’s about encouraging weight loss, and changing your diet to complement your workout,” says Isuru Fonseka, of “You’ll have five days of one and a half hour workouts followed by a break during the weekend.” will guide participants step by step through the challenge. Participants will take part in a one-on-one full body assessment before they begin the programme, and receive a personalized plan to complement their group workout sessions. An orientation pack will include a basic exercise plan, recipes, a dos and don’ts food list, and tips on adjusting lifestyles around Keto. On the workout days they will also receive a Bulletproof coffee before the session and Keto dinner catered by The Sandwich Factory afterwards.

Hisham Cader, Owner of The Sandwich Factory with Isuru Fonseka and Natasha Amarasekara, Founders of
Hisham Cader, Owner of The Sandwich Factory with Isuru 
Fonseka and Natasha Amarasekara, Founders of
The idea is to equip participants to continue this lifestyle after the 40 day programme, say the trio. That’s why they want to be choosy about who they train with the programme, says Natasha Amarasekara of “This programme requires you to commit with both body and mind. If you think about it, it’s just 40 days and if you follow it well the results will be very rewarding.”

Partnering with TSF and to launch this ‘first of its kind’ program in Sri Lanka is who are on-board as the online media partner.

The total cost for the program is LKR 89,000 all inclusive, 40 days of training and meal from TSF. To register please contact FIT.LK online, via Facebook or on 077 0070262

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