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Thursday, February 8, 2018

She’s Mercedes: DIMO hosts an evening of indulgence exclusively for ladies

Empowered guests at the She’s Mercedes launch event
Empowered guests at the She’s Mercedes launch event
The brilliant canvas behind the idea that the power of inspired minds can effect excellence, She’s Mercedes, is a platform dedicated to inspiring, connecting, and empowering women globally to unleash their full potential. To introduce this unique platform to the empowered ladies of Sri Lanka, the first ever Sri Lankan She’s Mercedes event, organized by DIMO, was held on 20 January at DIMO 800 – Mercedes-Benz Centre of Excellence.
An intimate evening of stimulating conversation, indulgence, and cocktails was held exclusively for the ladies. Concluding with an enjoyable dinner, the networking event provided an ideal opportunity for guests to reflect upon the hard-hitting and impactful nature of the She’s Mercedes movement.
Shattering gender stereotypes across the world, She’s Mercedes is an inspiration circle and a hub where empowered women of varying interests meet to exchange ideas, share experiences, and spark conversation.
Indeed, the history of Mercedes-Benz demonstrates that it is no stranger to the powerful influence of inspiring women. In 1888, Bertha Benz, a German automotive pioneer, business partner and wife of automobile inventor Karl Benz, undertook the first long-distance journey in the early days of the car. Channeling her spirit, She’s Mercedes is devoted to inspiring and emphasizing the modern idea that the female clientele of Mercedes-Benz has unlimited choices, free of the constraints of gender-stereotyping.
“Nothing about a car categorizes it as a man’s or a woman’s. It is an individual choice. I think Mercedes understands this better than any other, considering the inspiration that the company has drawn from women over the years. This event is not intended to launch an exclusive car for ladies, but to celebrate women and invite them to view our entire range of cars,” Dilrukshi Kurukulasuriya, Chief Human Resources Officer at DIMO PLC, noted in an impactful statement.
She’s Mercedes tackles gender-stereotypes in a brilliantly unique and exceptional manner, employing a mix of several formats, such as intimate portraits, home stories, and interviews. Strong and successful women from various fields and industries provide personal insights by delving into topics related to both business and private life, and impart fresh new perspectives on life. To date, the series has featured remarkable personalities and dynamic individuals such as the model, actress, and activist, Amber Valletta, the founder of Blogilates, Cassey Ho, and inspiring mathematician, Anne-Marie Imafidon. These pioneers are dedicated to pushing the boundaries.

The elegant evening hosted exclusively to inspire, connect and empower women and successfully introduce the She’s Mercedes platform will undoubtedly aid in shattering the cycle of gender-typecasting in Sri Lanka. This enriching experience was merely a stepping stone for more engaging activities to follow. Indeed, the idea of a successful woman in a Mercedes car will certainly remain familiar.

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