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Thursday, July 18, 2013

CIC-Platignum jointly with Southern Province Health Services educate pre-school teachers

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“Singithi Suwa Udanaya”

Platignum brand from CIC recently announced the launch of “Singithi Suwa Udanaya,” a programme designed to educate and inform pre-school teachers on the best ways to develop and nurture their students. Conducted in association with the office Southern Province Health Services under the concept of ‘Singirini Suwa Udanaya’, this initiative identifies the importance of external influences on the development of a child especially during the time spent in pre-school, and strives to better prepare teachers and caregivers to provide the best possible care for the future of the country.

Commenting on the programme, Mr. Samantha Ranatunga, Chief Executive Officer / Managing Director of CIC Holdings said, “CIC Holdings is committed to nurturing the lives of Sri Lankans in all aspects, of which the healthy development of children is undoubtedly a major aspect. Pre-school is the first time children have extended exposure to external forces, which is why Platignum brand from CIC felt it was important to ensure that these teachers have a better understanding of how to foster a healthy learning environment.”

“Singithi Suwa Udanaya,” will be conducting seminars and workshops which will educate pre-school teachers on the concept of early childhood development and provide a better understanding of a child’s psyche. The programme will also emphasise the importance of a stimulating learning environment by encouraging enhancements to classrooms such as colourful walls and the presence of the children’s own art. To further encourage the complete involvement of the teachers in the programme, Platignum brand from CIC plan to reward participants for their respective work and efforts.

Commenting at the launch of the initiative, Mr. W.S. Premakumar , Divisional Director – Healthcare and Consumer Division, CIC Holdings, said, “Educating teachers on the importance of the external interactions in the long-term development of pre-school children is one of the main objectives of the “Singithi Suwa Udanaya,” programme. The workshops and seminars will then develop their teaching skills and abilities accordingly, equipping them with the necessary tools to provide a better service. The programme will also extend its awareness campaign to parents and guardians so that they understand and are supportive of the efforts of the teachers. The collaboration of parents and teachers will ideally ensure that the children are surrounded by positive influences both at school as well as at home.”

“The first phase of the “Singithi Suwa Udanaya,” programme will target teachers in pre-schools throughout the city of Galle, while the second phase will be conducted among pre-schools in Matara and Hambantota,” said Mr. Kavindra Silva, Head of Consumer Business, CIC Holdings. Also commenting at the launch of the programme, Dr. Hemachandra Edirimanne, Director of Health Services – Southern Province said, “I believe there is not enough emphasis given to the mental health of pre-school children, especially in the context of their long-term development, and I am grateful to CIC Holdings and Platignum for coming forward to not merely sponsor, but to be an active part of this great programme. While I am sure that “Singithi Suwa Udanaya,” will undoubtedly achieve its objectives, it is my hope that initiatives of this nature will be conducted throughout the country.”

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