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Thursday, November 7, 2013

DFCC Vardhana Bank Privileged to Partner Strategic Event at CHOGM 2013

DFCC Vardhana Bank Privileged to Partner Strategic Event at CHOGM 2013
DFCC Vardhana Bank Privileged to Partner
Strategic Event at CHOGM 2013
DFCC Vardhana Bank (DVB) is proud to announce its appointment as the financial liaising partner for the Commonwealth People’s Forum event at the prestigious Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) 2013, scheduled to be held in Colombo from 10th to 17th November 2013. The notable honor of associating with CHOGM 2013 coincides with the bank’s 10th anniversary and will underscore the impeccable banking and financial prowess of DVB. The sterling service excellence of DVB will ensure a smooth and pleasant experience in all related financial transactions.

DFCC Vardhana Bank Privileged to Partner Strategic Event at CHOGM 2013
DFCC Vardhana Bank Privileged to
Partner Strategic Event at CHOGM 2013
Mr. Lakshman Silva, CEO, DFCC Vardhana Bank, commented: “As one of the fastest growing banks in the country, DVB has made impressive strides in ensuring financial inclusivity for the people of Sri Lanka through its wide geographical reach, unique banking products and energetic services. We are proud to be chosen as the financial liaising partner for CHOGM 2013, as we see this as a reiteration of the bank’s stability & management capabilities being well recognized. This privilege to be associated with CHOGM 2013 is a milestone for DVB as a young & growing retail Bank. DVB is almost a fully owned subsidiary of DFCC Bank, one of the oldest Development Banks which initiated many innovations in Sri Lanka's financial sector, and has been the financier of trail blazing Lankan entrepreneurs. 

DVB Steers Financial Management of Commonwealth People’s Forum
The Commonwealth People’s Forum is the opportunity for the civil society to deliberate domestic, regional and commonwealth issues and escalate recommendations to Commonwealth leaders at the head of government meeting. Jointly organized by the Commonwealth Foundation and the consortium of Sri Lankan civil society organizations, its primary objective will be to create paces and opportunities for people, governments to establish an interactive and enabling dialogue. DFCC Vardhana Bank considers it a privilege to be associated with the Commonwealth Foundation in London to offer its services to make the Commonwealth Peoples Forum 2013 a success. As one of the most dynamic commercial banks in the country, DFCC Vardhana Bank is renowned for introducing some of the most attractive and flexible banking products to its customers over the past decade.

About DFCC Vardhana Bank

DFCC Vardhana Bank has 135 branches and extension offices; includes 65 units across the Sri Lanka Post network. DVB’s customers at all branches have access to a full range of commercial and personal banking services, including Current Accounts, Savings Accounts, Fixed Deposits, Foreign Currency Accounts and trade related finances.


The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) is held every two years to enable leaders of Commonwealth countries to come together to discuss global and Commonwealth issues, and to decide on collective policies and initiatives. This year, CHOGM is taking place in Sri Lanka, the first time an Asian country is hosting the summit in 24 years. Commonwealth leaders have been coming together for discussions since 1949, but the title “Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting” was adopted during a session in Singapore in 1971. This specific classification was used to depict the gathering of both presidents and prime ministers in the event.

Previous CHOGMs have focused on a range of global issues, including international peace and security, democracy, climate change, multilateral trade issues, good governance, sustainable development, small states, debt management, education, environment, gender equality, health, human rights, information and communication technology, and youth affairs.


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