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Monday, February 24, 2014

The Galle Music Festival 15th of March 2014

The Galle Music Festival 15th of March 2014
The Galle Music Festival 15th of March 2014 

Galle Music Festival 2014 

Sevalanka Foundation, together with Royal Norwegian Embassy Rikskonsertene, and Aru Sri Art Theatre bring back the Galle Music Festival for the third time. The Galle Music Festival is the sister event of the Jaffna Music Festival and has been taking place since December 2009 around the Galle Fort. Each year the Festival showcases an eclectic array of music including, folk, contemporary, classical, and fusion to name a few performed by local and International bands. This year the Festival is incorporating a separate component for school children in the Southern region, where children studying various performing arts and interested children can actively experience and participate at specially organized workshops.

The main festival will provide a platform to present a blend of unique sounds that will give prominence to groups representing all ethnic communities across all regions of the island, while also featuring international artists from various countries. Performances will start from 4.00 pm and go on till 11.30 pm at the Moon Bastion, in Galle Fort.
The potential groups which will take part at the main event will be,

International Groups
  • Norway-Ten Sing
  • Bangladesh-Shironamhin
  • India-Donn Bhat and Passenger Revelator
  • Palestine-Sabreen Association for Artistic Development

Local Groups
  • Kolitha Bhanu and the troupe
  • Nondi Nadagam-Batticaloa
  • Thriloka
  • Oriental Music Orchestra
  • Sokari-Dambulla
  • Tony Hassan & Orchestra-Malay
  • Tamil Group-Jaffna
  • Naadro
  • Marians

"Music is for All" — Children's Music Festival

The other highlight of the festival is the Children's Music Festival. Under the concept, "Music is for all" - Children's Music Festival hope to engage children to understand that music is a language that could be experienced and enjoyed by all. This festival is a platform where children from diverse backgrounds can come together and experience the world of music through interactions and experimentations. Children as our future Ambassadors and leaders can use this opportunity to share their experiences and feelings to build up their knowledge in diverse musical expressions available locally and internationally.

Children will get an opportunity not only to experience popular and common art forms such as music and dance but also a basic introduction in to important and creative elements such as Music Composing, Lyric writing, Video production, Vocal training, Dubbing, Environment programmes, Nutrition programmes, Art workshops and many more activities.

The Children's Festival will be held on the 14th of March 2014.

Colombo Concert

Each year after the Music Festival whether it be in Galle or Jaffna, the International groups have an indoor concert in Colombo. This year however the Colombo concert is going to be an open air event featuring not only the International groups but also some of the local groups. The Colombo concert will take place on the 17th of March at the Galle Face Green, between 5:30 pm and 10:30 pm.

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