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Monday, December 30, 2013

Tea exports to reach $1.5 bn in 2013

Tea exports to reach $1.5 bn in 2013
Tea exports to reach $1.5 bn in 2013
Siyaka Research suggests that according to available data for November 2013 Sri Lanka will achieve the country's tea export USD earning target of $1.5 bn in 2013. By November the country had exported 290.6 Mnkg of tea and earned $1.40 bn. 

Overall export volumes in the first nine months of the year has decreased by 1.4 million kg year on year to 234.5 million kg.
The total tea export earnings in August also increased to Rs. 123.1 billion while tea export earnings in September was Rs. 18.5 billion. The volumes decreased by 3.1 million kg to 28.7 million kg.

CIS, Iran, Turkey, Iraq, Syria, UAE, Kuwait, Japan, Jordan and Libya are currently the Sri Lanka’s top ten tea importers . 

However,Sri Lanka Tea Board to promote ceylon tea in sophisticated global markets early in 2014 with a Rs. 4 billion budget.


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