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Friday, April 29, 2016

Aaliya Mohamed, Fashion Designer and CLA student.
Aaliya Mohamed, Fashion Designer and CLA student.
Following the immensely successful launch of its Young Entrepreneurs Development programme last year, Colombo Leadership Academy (CLA) is hard at work grooming the latest generation of young entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka.
The island’s premier leadership coaching and executive education facility has already been able to nurture and inspire a diverse spectrum of young entrepreneurs to take the reins on their own business ideas and refine novel, innovative business concepts into powerful and practical business models capable of thriving in real market places.
"Overall I feel that the Young Entrepreneur programmme has really helped me to develop a long-term strategy and vision for my business. I’d definitely recommend this programme to any young entrepreneurs looking to embark on their own business venture. Participating in this programme gave me the sense of motivation and direction that I needed to achieve my dreams and I’m confident that the programme can do the same for others,” Fashion Designer and CLA student, Aaliya Mohamed said.
Developed by the CLA with a view to growing the inherent strengths of an entrepreneur among Sri Lanka’s next generation of business leaders – including an emphasis on problem-solving skills, analytical ability and unconventional approaches to branding and marketing – the Young Entrepreneur development programme has been carefully crafted module-by-module in order to bring out the best in its students and rapidly hone their ability to successfully identify and build on a given business opportunity.
The programme provides comprehensive training in: business idea generation, market analysis, business incubation, business model development, prototype development & simulation, creating brand value & innovation, intellectual property & legal, leadership & HR, and market strategies.
Furthermore CLA also provides support to its students to gather startup capital and post-programme mentorship by experienced entrepreneurs to shape their business journeys.
In this manner, CLA aims to gradually contribute towards the creation and expansion of a vibrant start-up culture locally which in turn will open up unprecedented new opportunities for Sri Lankan’s from all walks of life to empower themselves while striking an easier balance between their personal and professional lives.

Be sure to be a part of CLA’s next intake to experience an inspiring and empowering Entrepreneurship programme and dare to create your own success story.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Mrs. Liu Yue, Deputy General Manager of AVIC-INTL presents the Lawris Girls’ Home with the donation.
Mrs. Liu Yue, Deputy General Manager of AVIC-INTL presents
the Lawris Girls’ Home with the donation.
 China National Aero Technology International Engineering Corporation (AVIC-INTL) recently conducted a charitable donation programme in support of the Lawris Girl’s Home, Colombo, for the third consecutive year.
Through the programme, AVIC INTL donated Rs. 300,000 worth of food, supplies, stationary, cooking utensils, electrical and other essential items to the home as part of an on-going commitment to help support and nurture disadvantaged communities in Sri Lanka. 
The Lawris Girls’ Home was founded by the wife of famous Sri Lankan educationalist and former principal of Nalanda College, Mr. D.C. Lawris. Since its establishment, the home has adopted and provided a caring abode for more than 2,000 orphaned children.
AVIC INTL’s involvement with the home commenced in 2014 when it held its first donation campaign for the Lawris Girls’ Home under the name Raise the Future with Love.
Mrs. Liu Yue, Deputy General Manager of AVIC-INTL Engineering with one of the children at Lawris Girls’ Home
Mrs. Liu Yue, Deputy General Manager of AVIC-INTL
 Engineering with one of the children at Lawris Girls’ Home
Delivering a message of support to the home just prior to the Sinhala and Tamil New Year, Mrs. Liu Yue, Deputy General Manager of AVIC-INTL Engineering, Sri Lankan Branch said: “We wish the children and staff of the Lawris Girls’ Home a very happy and prosperous new year. It has been a great pleasure for us to provide the assistance and services we can to help improve the living environment and education for these children and we promise to continuously extend our support to these children and the Lawris Girls’ Home in future.”
Commenting on this year’s donation campaign, Vice Principal of the Lawris Girls’ Home, Mrs. Kumari, expressed her sincere gratitude to the representatives of AVIC INTL and the positive example they had set through the continuous assistance to the Lawris Girls’ Home while urging other corporates and individuals to emulate that example by supporting the Lawris Home and other similar organizations that work to assist and uplift underprivileged communities and children across the island.
Miss. Feng Yao, Manager of Human Resource Dept, AVIC-INTL opens gifts of stationary for the girls at the orphanage
Miss. Feng Yao, Manager of Human Resource Dept, AVIC-INTL
opens gifts of stationary for the girls at the orphanage
While working to promote foreign direct investment projects in Sri Lanka and carrying out its own construction projects in partnership with local companies, AVIC INTL has also placed significant emphasis on social welfare activities for the past six years that they have been present in Sri Lanka. These include projects to drill free tube-wells for communities surrounding project sites, carrying out maintenance of local roads, donations of educational supplies and stationary to schools and disaster relief for communities affected by mud and landslides that took place in recent years.

Mrs. Liu Yue, Deputy General Manager of AVIC-INTL Engineering (middle) and employees from AVIC-INTL Engineering with the children from orphanage
Mrs. Liu Yue, Deputy General Manager of AVIC-INTL
Engineering (middle) and employees from AVIC-INTL
Engineering with the children from orphanage
The company also remains confident and invested in the social and economic development of Sri Lanka as a whole through mutual cooperation and support between Sri Lanka and China. 

Sri Lanka’s fastest growing job portal rolls out localized website to better cater to local users rolls out localized Sinhala website to better cater to Sinhala speaking users rolls out localized Sinhala website to
better cater to Sinhala speaking users
Job seekers want to feel confident in their career choices and are most comfortable when the job listings are in their native language. According to the latest everjobs career study, almost 30% of job seekers say they would be discouraged by an online job portal not in their native language.

In its latest efforts to revitalize online job search in Sri Lanka, has localized its job listings to include a Sinhala version in addition to the existing English site.

By offering job search support and career information in Sinhala, we want to provide a high-quality multi-language job searching experience and offer native-speaker customer support," says everjobs Sri Lanka MD and Country Manager Félix Lienau. "On the business side, we expect that offering our services in Sinhala will increase our already growing presence in the Sri Lankan online job market."

Sinhala speaking users can now benefit by visiting to get acquainted with job search, career advice, as well as to understand the features of a job posting and CV database search in Sinhalese.

Felix added, "The online job market in Sri Lanka is competitive and differentiation is key. With the launch of’s Sinhala version, we hope to further fortify our position as the fastest growing job portal in Sri Lanka as well as reinforce our commitment to providing exceptional customer service and user experiences to our Sinhala-speaking audience."

About everjobs

everjobs is a job portal currently operating in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Myanmar, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Tanzania and Uganda. Launched in 2015, everjobs aims to become the leading job portal in fast growing markets finding the right match for both, employers and candidates. 

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Faiz Ifthikar (Head of Sales, WebXpay), Sajith Chanuka (Co-Founder/Director, WebXpay), Susantha Mendis (Principle, Science College), Amila Chaturanga (Coach), Inticab Khan (Head of Operations, WebXpay)
Faiz Ifthikar (Head of Sales, WebXpay), Sajith Chanuka (Co-Founder/Director, WebXpay),
 Susantha Mendis (Principle, Science College),
Amila Chaturanga (Coach), Inticab Khan (Head of Operations, WebXpay) 
E-commerce enabler WebXpay announced its sponsorship of Science College, Mount Lavinia for the Singer Schools Rugby Tournament 2016. Through its support for young sportsmen, WebXpay hopes to expand their opportunities and open doors beyond the playing field.
WebXpay will offer small to medium enterprises high quality e-commerce solutions at an extremely affordable monthly fee by bundling a variety of services together. The start-up has created a customisable and secure e-business platform that accepts payments through any major credit card as well as other mobile based wallet payment systems.
Last year’s knockout champions Science College, Mount Lavinia have made a promising start to the season – the result of intense training, perseverance, and the team’s signature winning attitude in action.
Noting the shift in consumer habits from in-store to online purchasing, WebXpay Founder and CEO, Omar Sahib commented, “There is a wave of passionate young entrepreneurs looking for feasible methods of building a successful, robust business model. WebXpay empowers them by giving them an international scale platform to operate from. It removes many barriers, exponentially expanding their customer base.
“We believe school leavers should have options to explore and potential to earn – income that could possibly fund higher education. We are overjoyed to be able to take this first step in supporting the students of Science College achieve their dreams. We envision a bright future for Sri Lanka’s next generation – one that is free of barriers that prevent good businesses from being even greater.”

WebXpay can be customised to suit web and social media commerce for retail stores, hotels and villas, as well as service based businesses and offers the valuable advantage of accepting payments from overseas.
OPPO launches in Jaffna
OPPO launches in Jaffna
With its outstanding breakthrough in the mobile industry OPPO Lanka Pvt Ltd has set foot into the Jaffna Region with JAT Technologies Pvt Ltd being the main host of this launch event. JAT Technologies, the Exclusive Distributor for the Region has joined hand with OPPO to provide a unique selling proposition to all mobile users coupled with affordability and user friendliness. Respected CEO- Mr. Ushantha Thilakarathna and Sales Manager- Fahmida Bulathsinhala introduces the team of OPPO ; Alex Zhao- Director Assistant and Selvaraj Kishore -Product Specialist along with the four amazing products of OPPO Camera Phone that have created a stir in the market JOY 3, NEO 5, NEO 7 and F1 THE SELFIE EXPERT.  

Many Dealers have been quite receptive in acquiring dealership with JAT Technologies mainly Vaanagam

Phone City Jaffna, Yaal Phone Shop Jaffna, N Mobile Jaffna, Vasantham Phone Shop Uduppidy and many more. The market share is quite picking up in comparison to other key players and we hope to be one of the top mobile brands in the region in the foreseen future.  

 Facilities & Property Management– An Overview

Most real estate developments underway in Colombo are mixed-use developments or integrated developments, such as Shangri-La, Colombo One, Cinnamon Life, Tata’s One Colombo and Colombo City Centre. 4,000 condominium units are expected to be handed over to customers by 2019. JLL anticipates a supply pipeline of 2.6 million sqft of Grade A office space in the Colombo market in the medium term. More than ten retail malls totalling approximately 1.6 million sqft are expected to be operational by 2020.
Facilities Management (FM) focuses on managing real estate for occupiers (owners & lessees) and is defined as making the best use of available facilities, optimising for best business performance; this includes building maintenance, security, human resources, repairs & maintenance and reducing idling facilities. Property Management involves partnering with developers, owners and investors in real estate, including lease and tenancy management and day-to-day property maintenance (engineering, security and cleaning, etc.).
The concept of outsourcing Facilities Management is relatively new in Sri Lanka. Companies have historically adopted an in-house model while “out-tasking” single services, such as cleaning, catering or maintenance to external providers. There are only a handful of Facilities & Property Management companies in the market, of which JLL is the largest Facilities & Property Management service provider in Sri Lanka, with over 55 properties under management.
Benefits in Outsourcing of Facilities & Property Management
Globally, the shift to an outsourced model has benefited firms immensely by way of passing on the risk of service delivery to a Facilities Management company that takes overall responsibility for this function. Most importantly, this leads to a vested relationship between the client and the FM company where in the latter has skin in the game - making investments in the relationship for mutual growth and benefit.
Facilities Management of Corporates is different from Administration. With complexities in operating large infrastructure habitats having grown in recent times, marked differentiation has come in, with Facility Management becoming the umbrella where infrastructure and administration co-exist. Facility management focuses, among employee or resident welfare, travel, transport and other comfort requirements, on building conditions, ageing, equipment condition, operating efficiencies of equipment, deployment of resources, material usage, security, inventory management, power consumption, analytics around the same and so on.  This holistic approach has its benefits in the long term for the owner from a life cycle perspective apart from optimising cost of operating the premises with minimal annual increase in costs.
Energy consumption is arguably the largest cost for any operating premises.  FM companies have expertise and tried, tested and established formulae to cut down these costs and suggest investments that would have quick returns and savings in the long term, bringing in sustainability credits as well.
Is there an opportunity for a Facilities Management company to tap top local organisations?
The market is shifting towards the adoption of Integrated Facilities Management outsourcing as a strategic operating model as it generates a value in the form of reduced costs, minimised risks and increased end-user satisfaction. Initially spearheaded by Western multinationals more familiar with outsourcing, an increasing number of Sri Lankan companies are exploring the possibility of turning to specialist expertise for such models. Sri Lankan firms understand that outsourcing Facilities Management can assist them in tackling the challenges of operating in Sri Lanka’s changing business landscape while mitigating significant risks and improving the company’s overall image and credibility. However, it is prudent to keep in mind that the outsourcing of all non-core activity to a Facilities & Property Management company will be latent for several reasons. It will invariably cause a threat to their employees who handle Facilities & Property Management, in terms of their job security, and the senior management’s decision and culture will play a key role.

  • Sri Lanka has a handful of Facilities & Property Management companies and is still at a nascent stage in this field; it is still growing and the awareness level of this profession is low. Relevant companies and the government should take initiatives to conduct workshops, training programmes and conventions to educate the public and potential clients, etc.
  • As the Sri Lankan economy matures, the current, predominantly in-house model of Facilities & Property Management operations will shift to a more strategic one where the true value of quality and benefits of technology can be extracted. This will bring about the alignment of Facilities Management objectives with those of the wider company/group and the recognition that these services can best be delivered by specialist providers with access to the right skills, infrastructure and industry best practices of more mature markets.
 Celebrating another year of stellar sales, Arpico hosted a gala event at the Blue Waters Hotel, Wadduwa to reward and show recognition for the best dealers in Arpico Hardware products for the year 2015.
Parallel to the exponential growth in demand for hardware to support Sri Lanka’s expanding construction industry, last year’s awards were particularly competitive with all of the company’s dealers delivering significant increases in sales volumes and revenue.
“Arpico continues to be a well-respected leader across many sectors. The quality of construction of a building ultimately depends on the quality of the products used and in that context, we remain the preferred supplier of hardware supplies to many of the leading commercial and retail construction buyers today,” Mr. Sunil Liyanage, Managing Director, LMD sector of Richard Pieris & Company stated.
In that context, Mr. Shantha Kularatna, Director Distribution of the LMD sector of RPC, said: “The potential for expanding our distribution network to bring more of our quality hardware products to a wider range of the Sri Lankan market is on the rise and we look forward to tackling the challenges related to this expansion of services in the new year.”
Commenting on the performance of the dealers being felicitated at the event, Head of Sales of the LMD sector of RPC, Mr. Duminda Perera said: “I wish to congratulate of our top dealers for their outstanding efforts over the course of 2015 and all our other committed sales teams across the island. You have worked hard to deliver some of the best sales that we’ve seen to date and we are grateful for that effort.”
Meanwhile, Head of Marketing of the LMD sector of RPC, Mr. Derrick Perera also commended the efforts of the company’s dealers and reiterated Arpico’s commitment towards providing the best marketing platform for Arpico products to gain wider awareness among consumers.
“There are still many more opportunities for Arpico to expand its market share in the coming year and we are confident that the correct communications strategy combined with effective sales techniques will yield more successful results in 2016,” Mr. Perera stated.  
With Sri Lanka’s construction industry growing at a steady clip of 20 per cent Year-on-Year according to the most recent available data, demand for Arpico’s range of top-quality branded hardware products is anticipated to grow in the coming year.
“Today we see many infrastructure development projects underway. Sri Lanka’s requirement for more commercial space is increasing as the country’s services sector keeps growing. The need for quality housing is also enjoying a similar increase as the country’s per capita GDP rises. This will be a source of great opportunity for our business in the coming year,” Head of Category-Hardware Sector, Mr. Dilshan Abeysekara elaborated.
The company’s branded hardware segment encompasses a wide range of products including Arpico Water Tanks, Arpico Rigifoam, Arpico Rubber, Arpico PVC, Arpitec Water Pumps, Arpitec Ceiling Fans, Arpitec Power Codes, Arpico Kitchen Sinks and Arpico PVC Doors.
About Richard Pieris & Co. PLC

Richard Pieris & Co. PLC is a diversified business conglomerate with a rich history of 83 years. Its flagship brand "Arpico" is one of the most powerful local household brands in Sri Lanka for over 50 years, serving the community with a diverse range of products across many sectors such as manufacturing, plantations, financial services, exports, FMCG, construction, logistics, educational services & retail. The retail sector led by its flagship brand "Arpico Supercenters" operates one of the largest modern trade chains in the country. A diverse melting pot of talent, comprising a workforce of over 31,000, Richard Pieris & Company PLC is one of the largest employment providers in the private sector in Sri Lanka. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

At The Sandwich Factory’s all new premises in Colpetty the retro themed interiors, music and the friendly staff all make for a unique dining experience. More importantly, of course, the delicious American style comfort food with a Lankan twist is bound to make your day.

For almost a decade, founder Hisham Cader’s vision for an American style diner serving hearty, lip-smacking food has kept customers loyal and enthusiastic for The Sandwich Factory’s offerings. It has stood the test of time-much like the retro inspired décor that famously adorns its interiors.

The Sandwich Factory recently moved from its Wijerama Mawatha premises to Palm Grove, Colpetty. The signature TSF look remains; chequered floors, metal panels on the walls, the vintage jukebox, neon lights and the popping colours of the retro artwork are all intact along with a soundtrack built on notes of nostalgia.
The new venue’s expansive interiors were designed with large groups (especially families) in mind. Two play areas-indoor and outdoor-have become the preferred destination of parents, especially for play dates for toddlers. The cool vintage interiors draw in large groups of friends and family who frequent the diner for it unique food and atmosphere.

The options are many - a delicious breakfast menu packed with fortifying meals, American classics like subs, wraps, hotdogs and burgers, a range of melts oozing cheesy goodness, popular tex mex items such as soft tacos and quesadillas, and a kids menu with favourites including sloppy joes, chicken nuggets (prepared fresh with non-processed meat) and kids’ mac n cheese are complemented by an equally extensive drinks menu comprising of shakes, floats and iced coffees. There’s also a leaner, more restrained selection for the health conscious among you.

Hungry folk at home or work can view the complete menu online at and have it delivered to their doorstep or ready for pick-up or even order online. With each item prepared fresh, customers can customise their meal to varying degrees of spiciness and try a variety of add on toppings so they have it just the way they like it.
“We’re always experimenting with new menu ideas,” says Hisham Cader, Managing Director. “The Sandwich Factory’s premise is built on comfort food; whatever you try from our menu you can bet that it’s going to be hearty, inventive, packed full of flavour, and value for money.”

The new location offers a host of event spaces that have become popular choices for kid’s parties and private events, and also features a meeting room that is ideal for corporate, clubs and groups. Hisham also noted that the new premises will play host to a number of events for customers-including a monthly outdoor movie night and a Kids Playtime event. “Our garden space is quite large and ideal for events, so there’s always something happening here,” he says.
In addition to the regular events the diner always features something new with limited time specials, and other exciting promos and offers that will compel you to make the trip.

Whether you come for the island chilli fries or the classic Western BBQ Burger, and complete it with a classic malt shake, you’ll stay for the deliciousness of it all; and you’ll leave with full tummies- along with a newfound appreciation for 50s and 60s music!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Young leaders of the South Asia Bridge Initiative (SABI) during a tour  of Sifani Gallery,Sifani’s flagship store while they were in  Sri Lanka for the Young Global Leaders event  of the World Economic Forum
Young leaders of the South Asia Bridge Initiative (SABI) during a tour
of Sifani Gallery,Sifani’s flagship store while they were in
Sri Lanka for the Young Global Leaders event
 of the World Economic Forum
Internationally acclaimed Sri Lankan luxury jewellers, Sifani were given an opportunity to showcase a series of elegant designs to some of the world’s most dynamic young leaders during the recently concluded Young Global Leaders event of the World Economic Forum. Partnering with Sifani for this special event was Sri Lanka’s only multi-brand luxury watch boutique Chatham Luxury.  
In the midst of a busy schedule of meetings with some of Sri Lanka’s most influential leaders and policy makers, the 30 young leaders that form the South Asia Bridge Initiative (SABI) also took time out to visit the flagship Sifani Gallery situated at No. 86, Galle Road, Colombo 03.
Rizwan Sahabdeen, Managing Director of Sifani Jewellers
Rizwan Sahabdeen, Managing Director of Sifani Jewellers
Upon arrival the delegates were given a personalised tour of the unique and elegantly designed facility where they sampled first-hand some of the exotic and award-winning collections that have earned Sifani Jewellers international praise since its establishment in 1970 including plaudits from the reputed publications of the calibre of the Financial Times, Vogue UK, Harper’s Bazzar, Hello, The Telegraph and many others.   
In addition to the timeless collections of jewellery on display from Sifani, the visiting delegates were also treated to a viewing of selected timepieces from 
Chatham Luxury, a joint venture between Sifani & the Hirdaramani Group, is the authorised retailer for some of the world's finest watch brands.
Chatham Luxury, a joint venture between Sifani & the Hirdaramani
Group, is the authorised retailer for some of the
world's finest watch brands.
Chatham Luxury. Itself a joint venture between Sifani and the renowned Hirdaramani Group, Chatham is Sri Lanka’s leading provider of prestigious luxury watches whose portfolio of brands includes Omega, Cartier, Rolex IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre and Chopard. Chatham upholds a reputation for the highest quality and personalised service.
From its imaginative and sophisticated designs to careful modelling, casting, precision gem cutting and extensive quality control procedures, Sifani is a brand that has become synonymous with absolute excellence and fulfilling luxury.   

Members of SABI during their visit to Sifani Gallery
Members of SABI during their visit to Sifani Gallery
Having emerged as one of Sri Lanka’s most prolific jewellery design houses, the Sifani brand is steadily gaining recognition around the world through its 30 showrooms located in Sri Lanka, Maldives, Seychelles and London. Sifani’s collections are also being retailed in some of the world’s most prestigious hotel chains around the world including The Four Seasons, Shangri-La, Per Aquam and Taj Exotica.
This is the wake-up message from the newest arrival on the Professional Services Consulting scene here in Sri Lanka.  Human Capital Consulting is much more than just forwarding CVs on to HR.  It’s about working closely with the senior management of a company, consulting on the most important assets that most businesses have -it’s people!

Efficient, creative and adding real value, are not the usual words you hear when a recruitment company or corporate trainer is being described.  However, the newest arrival in the professional services field is very different in so many ways.  Glover Daniels International, a British Sri Lankan owned and managed business, offers their clients much more than what usual recruitment companies and ‘local version’ headhunters do.  As a broad based Human Capital Consulting business with four very focused divisions, all complimenting each other, they work in effective partnerships to offer the corporate world so much more than merely pressing forward on a candidate CV email.

Glover Daniels International, although a relatively new name in Sri Lanka, was established in the UK in 1999.  However, since 2010 they have been operating their 35 man Global Research Solutions Centre of Excellence from Colombo for a wide range of global clients across all sectors and geographies.  “We were amongst the first 100% foreign owned companies to move our business here, under the BOI scheme, soon after the war ended.” Michael Moonesinghe, CEO, Glover Daniels International proudly stated.

Glover Daniels is the trusted partner for many multinational companies and executive search consultancies from all over the world.  Their clients range from small specialist boutiques consultancies to global corporates.  The company uses a winning combination of the very latest social media, internet and telephone research expertise which ensures that every project is tailored to solve their client's specific recruitment and HR requirements.  

Michael is passionate about the total excellence culture which he has created in the business.  His has handpicked and personally trained a local team that are totally focused in not only meeting, but in exceeding their demanding clients’ expectations on each and every assignment.  He added, “Failure just isn’t an option which both myself and anyone in my team can ever accept and we will stick with a client until their problem has been totally solved.  Only then will we send in our invoice; this we have found is how true trusting partnership relationships work best.”

In an exciting and significant expansion here in Sri Lanka, Glover Daniels International has just launched three new divisions namely – Executive Solutions, Talent Solutions and Consulting Solutions
From their Colombo base, Executive Solutions Division will undertake senior management and director level search assignments in the Middle East and APAC regions, as well as catering for the fast developing and expanding Sri Lankan home market. Partnering with both locally owned businesses, as well the increasing number of international corporations which now consider Sri Lanka as a rising star in the region and who are used to a certain level of service and research-based solutions delivery.

“We are very excited indeed to be launching our three premium divisions; here in Sri Lanka.  They complement each other really well and together are able to offer companies a really comprehensive range of Human Capital Solutions which integrate seamlessly and can be tailored to each organisation’s specific needs.  We are extremely passionate and optimistic about Sri Lanka’s economic future and we look forward to playing our fullest part in the post war economic recovery,” Michael said.

“Our Talent Solutions Division is already working closely with many Sri Lankan companies to reverse the brain drain of the past decades to turn it into a real Brain Gain for Sri Lanka in 2016 and beyond, by attracting high quality Sri Lankan professional talent back to the country, bringing with them very valuable international exposure and experience.  This valuable addition to home grown talent will enable local businesses to compete much more effectively on the international stage –and to win!” 

Glover Daniels’ Consulting Solutions Division, has brought together some of the very best independent trainers and leadership coaches now in Sri Lanka.  Most of them have lived and work for many years overseas and bring with them very different and valuable international experience and perspective.  Together they will form a seamless and very able, creative team, which is probably second to none in Sri Lanka, offering a very comprehensive range of training, coaching and leadership development courses, both for clients as well as for individuals. 

Quite simply they are offering International expertise, delivered locally

Monday, March 28, 2016

Sheran Fernando – Managing Director, SML Frontier Automotives and Niro Cooke, Director, Quintessentially Lifestyle with Marco Pierre White.
Sheran Fernando – Managing Director, SML Frontier Automotives and
Niro Cooke, Director, Quintessentially Lifestyle with Marco Pierre White.
 Members of award-winning international luxury concierge service, Quintessentially Lifestyle were treated to an intimate and exclusive fine dining experience with Marco Pierre White hosted by The Cinnamon Grand.
The event was hosted exclusively for Members of Quintessentially Lifestyle, Land Rover Ultimate Members and their guests at The London Grill, Cinnamon Grand. Attendees were among the top echelons of Sri Lankan society including Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe. Guests were not only given the opportunity to savour the carefully curated wine paired dinner but did so in the company of the well-respected Chef himself. The dinner included beautifully presented renditions of classic fine dining dishes such as carefully garnished Smoked Trout, Lamb Dijonnaise served with Gratin Dauphinois, and British Beef Tenderloin. All the dishes were articulately paired with a wine to compliment each dish, and many of the ingredients were specially imported from The United Kingdom with the aid of the British High Commission in Sri Lanka.
Prime Minister, Ranil Wickremesinghe with Marco Pierre White
Prime Minister, Ranil Wickremesinghe with Marco Pierre White
Celebrated as one of the true legends of contemporary cuisine, Marco earned his third Michelin star at the age of 33, becoming the youngest Chef to ever cross the prestigious culinary milestone. He has since gone on to become a celebrated restaurateur, television personality, and author who has trained many of the world’s current leading Chefs including Gordan Ramsay, Heston Blumenthal, Curtis Stone, and Shannon Bennett.
Marco, who was in the island as part of the UK Food Week 2016 organised by the British High Commission in partnership with Cinnamon Life, Trekurious, HSBC, Land Rover, Knorr, Sri Lankan Airlines, and Quintessentially Lifestyle - has been touring Sri Lanka to sample its rich biodiversity and of course, its famous, traditional cuisine.
Marco Pierre White addresses guests at the private Quintessentially Lifestyle dinner
Marco Pierre White addresses guests at the private
Quintessentially Lifestyle dinner
Quintessentially Lifestyle is part of the London-based Quintessentially Group, a global private Members Club with an award winning concierge service operating with 67 offices worldwide.
The Quintessentially Group is comprised of a number of sister businesses, covering every facet of the luxury lifestyle market. Unique in their own field, each business utilises Quintessentially's massive global network, securing the very best suppliers and offering preferential rates and expert advice.
Conceived with the existing Member in mind the Groups’ teams of experts can stock cellars with the finest wines, build art collections, discover exclusive travel destinations, manage private jets and high-performance cars, find a gift that makes a lasting impression, uncover dream properties, create stand-out events, or simply help individuals lead the life they’ve always wanted, in their own unique way.

Quintessentially Lifestyle aims to offer its Members the very best that life has to offer with each international office maintaining a strict limit to the number of Members for each territory in order to ensure a personalised and dedicated service to its discerning clientele.
Chandima Perera, Managing Director for Gestetner of Ceylon PLC
Chandima Perera, Managing Director for Gestetner of Ceylon PLC
 Total document solutions provider Gestetner of Ceylon PLC recently added two brand new products to its portfolio, enriching its capacity to service the documentation needs of clients including some of Sri Lanka’s top conglomerates. These were introduced to key clients and partners at a launch ceremony at Hilton Colombo Residence.

The products, known as Papercut and ESA Transformer, were launched in partnership with Ricoh Asia Pacific. The launch was attended by several top representatives from Gestetner and Ricoh including S.J.M. Anzsar, Chairman Gestetner of Ceylon PLC, Avijit Mukherjee, Senior Manager Strategic Marketing for Ricoh Asia and several IT heads from top corporates in Sri Lanka. Observing the demonstrations at the launch, the latter shared positive feedback on the products’ advanced and highly customizable functions, optimum for business documentation needs.

Avijit Mukherjee, Senior Manager Strategic Marketing for Ricoh Asia
Avijit Mukherjee, Senior Manager Strategic Marketing for Ricoh Asia
“We’re very excited to be adding these products to our portfolio,” noted Chandima Perera, Managing Director for Gestetner of Ceylon PLC. “Over the last year in particular our client network grew rapidly, and our dealer network expanded to match. These products will be available across the island for businesses to manage their documentation procedures in the most effective, cost-efficient way possible.”

Papercut was developed by Ricoh in partnership with an Australia-based software company. It allows the user to keep track of the printing process-for example it increases transparency in the printing process, allows the dictation of print policies for more efficiency, and improves document and device security. Papercut can also track costs by user, allocate printing quotas and implement a pay per model to recoup printing costs. In addition it has several convenient tools such as email to print, Google Cloud and iOS printing and web printing.
S.J.M. Anzsar, Chairman Gestetner of Ceylon PLC with Avijit Mukherjee, Senior Manager Strategic Marketing for Ricoh Asia (Right)
S.J.M. Anzsar, Chairman Gestetner of Ceylon PLC
with Avijit Mukherjee, Senior Manager Strategic
Marketing for Ricoh Asia (Right)
The ESA Transformer is capable of transforming documents into usable electronic files. Using the device, paper documents can be converted to editable e-files in a preferred file format. It is cost effective, quick and easy to use by eliminating the need for expensive desktop OCR packages, it allows easy convertibility of documents which can then be delivered directly to a network folder or email address.

Gestetner is one of the top three document solutions providers in Sri Lanka. The country’s top conglomerates have entrusted Gestetner with their document systems management for many decades and in 2014 it celebrated its 50th year as a public quoted company in Sri Lanka. Ricoh Asia Pacific is a global technology company specializing in office imaging equipment, production print solutions, document management systems and IT services. Headquartered in Tokyo, the Ricoh Group operates in about 200 countries and regions.


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